After the snowstorms we had the week before, the clear sunny skies were a very welcome sight. Six of us met at the Winco parking lot and caravanned to the trailhead. The temperature was around 45° when we started at 10:15 am. The trail was in good condition with very few muddy spots. The group proceeded up the slope to attain the bluff overlooking the Columbia River. There was a little wind once we reached the bluff but was not intolerable. The sun warmed us as we walked, and some layers needed to be removed. Paul pointed out some the history of Hanford. As the group approached the first sand dune, we spotted a pair of coyotes on the other side of the dune. We climbed to the top to watch them as they disappeared into the sagebrush. Lunch was eaten on the dune as we discussed trips, hiking, and other topics. Paul entertained us with a story of a fuel rod change that hit a snag and required what I pictured as a group gymnastics event. As we returned to the trailhead the wind died down and the temps reached the low 50’s. We went our separate ways with hopes of seeing each other on future events.

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