Adhering to COVID-19 restrictions, twelve of us made our individual ways to the trailhead on Highway 225 north of Benton City. We then broke into 3 groups of less than 5 people each and headed out at different times on different routes. Not your normal IMAC logistics, but it worked out fine. It was a beautiful fall day: sunny, light breeze and cool temperatures. Two groups were headed for the ridge doing 9-10 miles and climbing about 1800’. The third group stuck to the canyons and lower slope doing about 6 miles and 500’ of elevation. Views from the ridge were great with Mt. Adams to the west and all of Hanford to the east. The canyon group got to see a herd of deer, and it was fascinating to be able to watch the ridge groups slowly, and perhaps painstakingly, make their way across the slope and up to the top. The participants were all IMAC members.

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