Wildfire closes 50,000 acres of Wenas Wildlife Area

Wildfire closes 50,000 acres of Wenas Wildlife Area YAKIMA – A wildfire that started July 23 in Yakima County has prompted the temporary closure of about 50,000 acres of the Wenas Wildlife Area near Selah to protect firefighters and help ensure public safety. Ross...

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Creating a Leg Splint in the Wild

Here are some points to consider before you watch the video. A lot of materials can be used to create rigidity to immobilize a a broken leg or an arm. Sticks or trekking poles can be uncomfortable and create “hot spots” that turn into sores/open wounds). Soft...

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The luck of some hikers

This is a rather hilarious story of a some of the best karmic hiking experiences by Robin Svoboda, an outdoor columnist in Akron, Ohio. She shared some important information about a national event I will place on the IMAC event calendar - Hike Naked Day is June 21. ...

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