Interactive Maps

There are amazing tools available online. These are the best places to find free interactive maps online.

At each site there are tools which allow you to slice and dice the information.

Some of them have a search engine that takes a location (e.g., city, state or trail name).

In other cases, you must use the drag and zoom capabilities to go to your location and then enlarge the map to get to the level of detail you seek.

Some of the sites have drop down filters which can be used to focus the results on what you seek.

Once you create the map you want, the tools at the sites let you save and share the map and data you created.

You can also use your device camera or a screensaver to take a photo and save it to your hard drive or to your printer.

Washington Trails Association (WTA)

US Forest Service (FS IVM)


US Forest Service Snow Depth Map

Snotel Sites Map

NOAA (National Weather Service)

US Geological Survey (USGS)

NP Maps


Parks Canada

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