The I-MAC trip to Gold Hill Cabin had 10 people, 6 members and 4 guests. The highway had not been plowed from the recent Thursday night-Friday storm so there was about 10″ of fresh powder on the road. This caused problems with one car which finally needed some assistance with a tow rope to get to the parking area. After some shoveling to clear parking spaces we had a late start and made it to the cabin around 3 PM. Thankfully a XC skier was ahead of us so we did not need to break a fresh trail in, only make it wider for the snowshoes. This was still a lot of work in the deep powder, the last person in line was down a foot or more from the surface. There was not a lot of ambition to go further in the remaining daylight so only Ross continued up helping another couple that came by get to the upper cabin. After the spaghetti dinner folks started drifting off to bed.

No new snow overnight, cloudy and a little foggy with the temperature at 32 degrees but not warm enough to make the powder snow consolidate. Most of the crew went exploring up the valley looking at the clean white snow covering everything. There was a lot of snow hung up on the tree branches and not so much fun when you were in the wrong place as it came down with a blast of cool air and snow. Next came lunch, getting the cabin cleaned up and the relatively fast trip back to the cars. The snow plow had been by so we had an easy trip back home.

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