Jan 23 2021


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Woodland Snow Park, SS-2

Chuck Wierman,

The Woodland Sno-park is about 2 miles southeast of the Spout Springs downhill ski area. The walk starts in the woods along the Balloon Tree Road then cuts cross country on a long, open north/south ridge. Views from here, on a clear day, are great including: Mt. Emily and the Elkhorn Crest Mts. to the south, the Eagle Caps, and Seven Devil’s Wilderness to the east, and a Blue Mt. panorama to the north. Then we cut back through the woods to an open, east/west ridge above the Umatilla river valley. Following that ridge west takes us above the Spout Springs ski area. From there we go north to an overlook of the Walla Walla river valley. Heading east completes a “figure-8” pattern. The finish is a steep downhill to the road we started on. The route is about 6.6 miles with several gradual climbs totaling about 700’. Snow and weather conditions significantly affect the difficulty of this walk. Parts of the trail are quite open, so it can get nasty on a cold, windy day. Please bring adequate protection from sun, wind, cold, (no cotton clothing) rain and snow. As always, bring the Ten Essentials, a lunch and plenty of fluids.

Provide your own transportation. An Oregon Sno-park pass is required.

Signup deadline is Thursday, January 21, 9:00pm. Limit of 10 people (2 groups of 5).

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