Oct 12 2019


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Wall Lake, DH-2

George M.,

This is a moderate hike to a lake in the Rock Creek Recreational Area near Sprague.  The area is largely an open grazing land, scabbed with basalt outcroppings, mesas, and a river running through it.  The terrain was scoured by Ice Age floods leaving scattered lakes (Wall, Turtle, Perch, and a few others).  The hike is about 8 miles RT with rolling terrains.  We will start at the Escure Ranch trailhead, cross a bridge over Rock Creek, and hike on an old ranch road to Wall Lake.  On the way back after lunch, we may take a detour to visit Turtle Lake.  We will hike at a moderate pace (about 2 mph).  Bring along the Ten Essentials, lunch, and 2-3 liters of water.  Be prepared for sun, rain, and cold winds.  The trip is limited to 12 hikers and all participants will be vetted by the leader.

Transportation fee is $25 that is payable to the driver you ride with.

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