Mar 13 2021


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Pleasant Valley, SS-2

Chuck Wierman, Terry Kneblik,

The Pleasant Valley Loop is the name of Trail 999 which parallels the American River along Highway 410, between the Bumping Lake Road and Chinook Pass (see Green Trails Map No. 271 “Bumping Lake”). We will start on the east end of the trail across from the Hells Crossing Campground. The trail starts out along the south side of the American River with views of the river, big trees with white snow cover, and hopefully, some blue skies for background. Eventually, the trail veers away from the river, and offers views of Fife’s Ridge. From there we’ll drop back down to the river, and follow it back, retracing our steps to the trailhead. The total trip will be 5-6 miles, with minor ups and downs along the way. This is a good trip for beginners as the trail is flat, and the distance can be adapted to the participants’ abilities. However, this trail is at pretty low elevation (3,300’), so the snow can be a bit “iffy”. Expect anything from perfect powder, to “Cascade Slush”, to a sheet of ice, and we may have to vary the location. That’s just all part of the adventure!! I’ll be checking it out the week before the trip, so should have updated information. Please bring adequate protection from cold (no jeans), snow, rain, sun and wind. As always, bring the 10 Essentials, a lunch and plenty of fluids.

Provide your own transportation. A Washington Sno-park pass is required.

Signup deadline is Thursday, March 11, 9:00pm. Limit of 10 people (2 groups of 5).

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