N Fork Entiat, BP-2/DH-2

On this four-day trip, we’ll camp three nights at the edge of a small meadow at elevation 5200 feet on the North Fork Entiat River (at the bottom of the map), an easy 6 miles from and 1300 feet above the trailhead. This is not wilderness, so mountain bikes might be encountered. The first day trip from camp climbs 1800 ft rather steeply in two miles to Fern Lake, nestled in a granite cirque at elevation 6500 feet; you’ll have plenty of time to explore the basin, refresh yourself in the lake, and lounge on its sandy western beach. The second day trip follows the Entiat trail up the valley floor for a mile and a half before climbing again rather steeply for half a mile to a junction at 6600 feet on the slopes of 8600 ft Cardinal Peak. The right fork traverses Cardinal for miles, offering two routes down to the N. Fork Entiat trail (a possible loop for a future trip). We’ll take the left fork, sampling several lovely basins populated with larches. We’ll explore as far as we have energy for; it’s about 4 miles from camp to 7500 ft Saska Pass. On day four, we’ll pack up and walk six miles back to the trailhead and drive home in four hours.

6 BP miles, 12 DH, 5200 ft

Steve Ghan, sign up at steven.ghan@gmail.com


Aug 18 2022 - Aug 21 2022


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