Mount Olympus Adventure (BP4/G3/R2)


Where: Hoh river trailhead, near Forks WA, Olympic National Park

Leaders: Jim Durett

Description: This trip requires 4 day availability. 42mi round trip, 18mi in and out to base camp and a 6mi roundtrip climb. The first 13mi of the hoh river trail are lovely and rolling followed by considerable elevation gain via switchbacks. The climb itself is a neat little package with glacier travel, steep snow, large crevasses and a climbable summit block. If you like long approaches and beautiful scenery this one is for you, similar to Glacier but with a little more technical thrown in. The trip need not be rushed but you must be sure you can handle the distance, one cannot afford significant or regular delays on this one. Packs will be around the 40lbs mark but the trail is developed and water is plentiful. 7hr+ drive to get out there. Bonus depending on your perspective is that you ascend the full height of the volcano; sea level to 7969ft.

Critical Skills: Long distance hiking, crevasse management and rescue, small amount of scrambling/climbing, backcountry camping(purifying water effectively, meal planning, packing as light as possible, et al)

*Any and all members are welcome to participate as backpackers on this trip. There is plenty to do in this zone, between beach camping and lots of camp spots along the Hoh rainforest trail. Just know that the main group will proceed to the summit, but there is no problem in coming along to hike, sightsee and backpack!!!,-123.81798&z=12&b=mbt



Jul 14 2023 - Jul 17 2023


Have to leave Friday Morning, Returning later Monday
All of the day