Mount Baker (G3)


Where: Mount Baker Wilderness, East of Bellingham, Easton Glacier Route

Leaders: Forrest Heller, Ken Stoops, Ellen Edwards

Description: Another long one when you consider the drive and sheer mass of this climb. Scale effects the nature of mountains greatly and Baker is just shy of Rainier when it comes to Washington’s giants. Crevasse navigation is certain but the slopes stay white deep into the season, so the climbing is generally gentle in angle and most of it will be on snow. Nevertheless, snow camping is a must and endurance as well as a stout gear checklist are paramount on this climb. 

Critical Skills: Good endurance, snow camping kit, strong understanding of crevasse traverse and rescue. 

You must have summited a Cascade volcano before to be accepted on this climb.



Summit Post: 



Jun 17 2023 - Jun 19 2023


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