Jun 01 2019


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I-MAC Annual Trail Maintenance Day – Leavenworth Ranger District in honor of National Trails Day, DH-2

I-MAC Annual Trail Maintenance Day – Leavenworth Ranger District in honor of National Trails Day
Saturday June 1, 2019 – all day DH-2

Leader: Dwight Schoonover, email to

Drive: About 248 miles round trip

Cost: No charge for gas! I-MAC covers the expense for this trip. Drivers should carry a Discover Pass or National Parks pass.

Depart: Arrive by 5:45 AM to depart at 6:00 AM sharp, Saturday, June 1 from the Spudnut parking lot, Uptown Richland

Sign-up: By 6pm Wednesday May29th. If you are willing to drive please let me know.

We will drive to the Leavenworth Ranger District to meet up with the Park Ranger at 9 AM.

Saturday June 1st The Intermountain Alpine Club is sponsoring an all-day trip to the Leavenworth Ranger District and the Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest to do volunteer trail work.

Come spend the day and have a hands-on experience working to rehabilitate a hiking trail so that people can use it safely for years to come. No experience necessary! You will be matched with someone with experience according to your interests and abilities. You will not be asked to do anything beyond your comfort level.

You will spend the day with a group of dedicated hiking aficionados and experienced mountaineers working to clean up and maintain one of the most beautiful hiking trail locations in Washington State.

We typically divide up into small groups and tackle the needs of the trail we find along the way. People may get to do vegetation removal, cross-cutting, raking, rock and log removal, building water crossings, and other activities needed.

You’ll need to bring a day pack and water, the ten essentials, appropriate clothes including long pants, hiking shoes, a long sleeve shirt, a hat, bug repellent, and sun screen and all required.

The Park Ranger will designate an employee to meet us at the ranger station at 9 AM. They will provide us with tools, hardhats and gloves and direct us to a work location.

Once there, the ranger gives a short safety lecture and then we head up the trail to the actual work site. We then usually work a few hours, take a break for lunch, and then work to about 2:30 PM, then head down to the cars and return.

In the past, we have then headed to Gustav’s Restaurant in Leavenworth for a cool refreshing drink and dinner if you want. Then we drive back to Richland with an estimated arrival time 7 to 8 PM.

All told you are in store for a very full, satisfying day. You’ll get to donate your time and energy to one of the most vitally important activities needed to keep the trails in good shape. It may get hot and you will very likely get dirty. But you will have an experience you will remember and will have a lot of fun!

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