Goat Rocks Wilderness Loop, BP-3

Jay Reinhardt, thereinhardts@mail.com, 509-521-5956

A 24-mile strenuous backpack loop trip in the Goat Rocks Wilderness area.

Enjoy one of the most scenic areas in the Cascades, including alpine Goat Lake, panoramic Old Snowy Mountain, idyllic Cispus Basin, and scenic Nannie Ridge.

Day 1: Leave Spudnuts in Richland at 7 AM.  Arrive at the Chambers Lake Trailhead for lunch.  Hike 6 miles and 2,700’ to Goat Lake and camp for dinner.

Day 2: Hike 4 miles and 1,000‘ to Snowgrass Flats and the Pacific Crest Trail.  Drop our packs and day hike the PCT 2 miles and 1,500’ to the top of Old Snowy for lunch and 360-degree views of the Cascade volcanos.  Walk back to Snowgrass Flats, pick up our packs and hike 3 easy miles on the PCT to our campsite in Cispus Basin.  Total of 10 miles for the day.

Day 3: Hike 8 miles along Nannie Ridge to Walupt Lake for lunch, descending 3,700’.  Climb in the cars and head home.

If we have enough people and I-MAC trip leaders, this hike will split into two groups which will start from opposite ends and exchange keys in the middle.  Otherwise we will allow 90 extra minutes for a car shuttle.


Aug 20 2021 - Aug 22 2021


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