Five Lakes Loop (BP-2)

September 23-24, 2023 – Five lakes Loop, William O. Douglas area, WA

Trip leader:      Aivett Bilbao and Diana Petty, contact

Drive:               ~250 miles round trip

Cost:                $30 payable to driver

Sign up by:      Tuesday, September 19th

This trail is a loop located near Packwood with a total length of 12.7 mi and elevation gain of 1601 ft. On day one we will start at Dog Lake and move over a gradual climb of 1000 ft elevation gain over 5 mi up to Cramer Lake and then to Dumbell lake where we will camp for the night. The next day we will finish the loop by hike the 8 mi back to dog lake with elevation gain for the day of about 600 ft.  This is an overnight backpacking trip good for beginners, however the participants will be vetted by the leaders. Beginners should contact the leaders well in advance to ensure that they have all essential gear.


Sep 23 2023 - Sep 24 2023


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