Enchantments, Colchuck, Aasgard pass

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The Enchantment Lakes basin is in my mind the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Seven lakes and numerous tarns and ponds amidst glacier-polished granite and spectacular spires, heather and snowgrass meadows, and gnarled larches. A trip in late September will reward us with scenes of golden larches and perhaps a bit of snow. Enchanting indeed. But the demand for permits to camp there far exceeds the supply. One alternative is to make a day hike to, through, and from the basin, a thru-hike. The best way to dothat is to start early at the Colchuck Lake trail head, hike to Colchuck and from there up the steep scree path to 7800’ Aasgard (aka Colchuck) Pass, and then descend the path through the Enchantments Basin and out the Snow Creek drainage to the Snow Lakes trailhead, a distance of 21 miles gaining 4500’ and losing 6600’.To get a sufficiently early start, we’ll drive to Leavenworth the evening before, camping either on the lawn of Susie Stenkamp outside Leavenworth or in a campsite at Eightmile Campground. We’ll drop off a car at the Snow Creek parking lot at 4 am, drive up to the Colchuck trailhead, hike through to the Snow Creek trailhead, retrieve our other car(s), and drive home in the dark.


Sep 16 2022 - Sep 18 2022


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