Jul 27 2019


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Elkhorn Crest Trail, OR, DH-3

An amazing hike from Anthony Lakes to Nip-n-Tuck Pass. 10.2 miles/ 1500-ft total elevation gain.

July 27, 2019 – Nip and Tuck Pass on the Elkhorn Crest Trail, DH – 3

Leader:          Chuck Wierman, 509-572-8618 or

Drive:             About 300 miles round trip

Cost:              $30 for gas reimbursement to drivers, USFS Forest Pass (or Senior Pass) required for drivers

Sign-up:         Email the trip leader by Thursday, July 25th, 9:00 PM, limit of 12 (John Day Wilderness)  Meetup instructions will be sent out by email.

Nip & Tuck Pass is on the Elkhorn Crest Trail near Anthony Lakes, OR. This trail has been designated as a National Recreation Trail due to the unique geology of the Elkhorn Mountains, which is comprised of spectacular granite peaks and offers great views.

We will park at the Elkhorn Crest Trailhead, but take a slight detour to the east shore of Anthony Lake for a view of the lake and surrounding mountains. We will then head up the Black Lake Trail to intersect the Elkhorn Crest Trail. From there the trail climbs about 1000’ over 2 miles. Not too bad; except we are at high elevation. The hike starts at about 7,100’ and goes up to 8,200’ elevation. Care will need to be taken to not get winded!!

From the high point at Angell Pass, we drop down about 400’ to our goal of Nip & Tuck Pass at 7,800’. We will have lunch at the pass, and then return on the Elkhorn Crest Trail directly to our vehicles. Round trip the hike will be about 10.8 miles.

This is high, open country, and very rocky. So, good sunscreen is essential, as well as sturdy boots!! I intend to inspect footwear before leaving town. Also bring plenty of food and water, plus your 10+ essentials.

Photo Gallery of the IMAC Anthony Lakes Hike in July 2017 

USGS Map from Cal Topo


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