Sep 19 2020


All of the day

Umatilla Rim Trail #3080, DH-3

Terry Kneblik,

This hike in the Umatilla National Forest begins at the Nine Mile Trailhead off NF-31 (Summit Road). This trail is very long with multiple access points and we’ll explore a large section of the trail on this hike. There is very little elevation gain (300 feet?) and we’ll hike a total of 10 miles – 5 miles out and back. This trail is at 5,000 ft elevation so I’m hoping for a crisp, cool morning and fall colors! Please pack the ten essentials.

A NW Forest Pass may be needed for parking at the trailhead. Confirmation pending. Current Covid requirements require all participants to drive alone but this requirement may change by 9/19. Please be flexible.

Email Terry Kneblik to sign up for this hike. All participants will be vetted to help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for everybody.

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