Dec 11 2019 - Dec 15 2019


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Bozeman Ice Festival, R-2

James Durett, 765-418-7286,, FB: James Theodore Durett

This is a club trip to Bozeman, MT for their ice festival. We will be going to experience the area and climb some ice as well as partake in festival activities. There are of course many opportunities to hike, snowshoe, XC ski, etc. in Bozeman. Those who would like to partake in those activities are welcome but the only group activity will be ice climbing so you would have to be self sufficient. Dates are flexible, once I have interested parties we can see what dates we’d like to go, the festival runs from the 11th through the 15th, here is the website .

If you are climbing with us you should have climbing experience and ideally some time on the ice, but we’ll have extra gear and the trip should be pretty relaxed. If interested please contact me ASAP as it would be nice to book lodging and make arrangements sooner rather than later.

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