May 25 2019


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Black Canyon, DH-2

May 25, 2019 Black Canyon (Yakima/Wenas area) DH-2

Contact trip leaders Paul and Nancy Krupin for details. Paul Krupin 509-582-5174  Please sign up by Thursday 6 PM

Meet at the Spudnut Shop in Richland at 7:20 AM and leave at 7:30 AM

Black Canyon is a 8.2 mile out and back trail located along part of Umtanem Ridge 13 miles north of Selah, Washington. It is a beautiful hike that gets its name from the black lava that adorns the slopes on either side of the valley.

The slopes are covered with beautiful array of wild flowers and at the top you get excellent views of Mt Rainier and the Tatoosh Range to the west and Mt. Stuart and the Enchantments to the north.

There is the possibility of wildlife – deer, elk, snakes, skinks, and horned toads. The trail is slow and steady and is rated as moderate with a 1800-foot gain/loss.

We go through several plant zones with changes in the species and diversity as you gain elevation. There are several wildflowers you may not have ever seen before like the Dwarf Monkey Fiddler.

We can do a short loop along the ridge and come down an adjacent draw to get some different views and variety.

Elevation at the top is just over 4,000 feet.

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