There are a lot more options to the standard fare available at REI and the outdoor stores. You can also find and order them online.

Here’s a Google search on best prepackaged backpacking meals

This will lead you to lots of articles at the common search engines, news media, social media, and the outdoor specialty search engines.

There are interesting questions and issues that are analyzed: cost, heating time, dishes, flavor, taste, and calorie density.

One site that discusses a number of products using real taste tests and analysis and discussion of specifications is this article in  Switchback Travel titled Best Backpacking Meals in 2019

Perhaps one of the best options for the serious backpacker is to learn how to do it yourself and make your own. This can be a lot of fun and the sky is the limit on options, recipes, variety.  For vegetarians, diabetics and people with special dietary preferences, this is perhaps the best way to go.

You’ll need to get a dehydrator, so here is a Bing search on the best food dehydrators for backpacking.


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