Three wise cross-country skiers escaped possibly infected humanity by cross-country skiing in the fresh, clear air along the Balloon Tree Loop route from the Woodland Sno-Park in the Blues. We carpooled in a large van, sitting far apart. We skied at least 200 feet apart. In my case, it was because I could not keep up with the other guys LOL. The day was warm, even the breeze was welcome, and the sky was cobalt blue. The snow had a bit of an icy crust in the shade, and was heavily “groomed” by past snowmobilers. We saw and heard no one and no machines, with only one Outback in the sno-park when we returned. We skied just over 8 miles in 3 hours (not including sun-drenched snack time with a clear view of the Wallowas). Elevation ascent 679 feet, with a 5,316 feet maximum elevation.

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