Inter-Mountain Alpine Club members with years of experience teach an eight-week one night a week backpacking school that covers a wide range of topics and techniques in a series of indoor and outdoor sessions in March and April culminating in a final backpacking trip.

The purpose of the backpacking school is to prepare students for comfortable and safe multi-day backpacking trips. Classes start Monday March 16 at 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Pre-registration required. The last class is Monday May 11.

At the end of this course, students will be prepared for a graduation backpacking trip led by a course instructor, and subsequent trips led by I-MAC leaders.

Topics include: the essentials, clothing, conditioning, packs, tents, sleeping systems, map and topography basics, compass and route planning, cooking nutrition, hygiene and water purification, using the Internet, GPS, cell phones, stoves, other gear, first aid, safety, and rescue techniques.

These classes will be offered free of charge as an I-MAC outreach to the Tri Cities community. Membership in IMAC is highly recommended.

Attendance at all sessions while highly encouraged, is not required. Students must attend 5 of 8 classes to be eligible to go on the graduation backpacking trip. Students are expected to be able to carry a loaded pack (~35-40 pounds.) over a dirt path for 5 miles at a moderate pace (2 mph).

For the detailed schedule and class information and to register for the classes, send an email to:

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