Rattlesnake Slope by Chuck W.

Adhering to COVID-19 restrictions, twelve of us made our individual ways to the trailhead on Highway 225 north of Benton City. We then broke into 3 groups of less than 5 people each and headed out at different times on different routes. Not your normal IMAC logistics,...

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McBee Loop by George M.

Four hikers showed up at the McBee trailhead at 7:30am. The weather was cool with the temperature in the 50s. The sky was slightly hazy due to smoke from nearby fires. We did the loop in a clockwise direction. We hiked along the base of Kiona Ridge for about 1.5 miles...

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Umatilla Rim Trail by Terry K.

We proved we can make IMAC hikes “work” during times of Covid! Eight of us left the Tri-Cities at 7:15 a.m. and caravanned to the Nine Mile Trailhead of the Umatilla Rim Trail. This trail is in the Umatilla National Forest. Our goal was to hike 5 miles out and then...

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Balloon Tree Loop by Jaynee L.

Three wise cross-country skiers escaped possibly infected humanity by cross-country skiing in the fresh, clear air along the Balloon Tree Loop route from the Woodland Sno-Park in the Blues. We carpooled in a large van, sitting far apart. We skied at least 200 feet...

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Igloo Building by Forrest H.

Despite numerous delays due to weather and personal schedules, this trip finally went through. Upon arriving at Andies Prairie, the crew found that the snow conditions were good for igloo making with the top foot or so of snow being consolidated, compact snow. Under...

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Red Top Mountain by Steve G.

After a frustrating February in which all of our snow trips were cancelled, five I-MAC members finally enjoyed a day on the snow. Jaynee, Antoine, Nancy, Anu, and Steve followed the road from highway 97 up Red Top Mountain and then glided back down. This was not an...

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Deep Creek Loop Trail and Bowl & Pitcher by Terry K.

It was great weather for hiking! Eleven of us left the Tri-Cities at 7:00 a.m. to meet three other hikers at the Deep Creek Loop trailhead in Riverside State Park. Our goal was to hike the Trail 25 Loop. Luckily, Jane and I had both uploaded the trail map using...

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The Value of Hiking

What is the economic value of hiking? Here is a 2007 report prepared by Jeannie Frantz, at the time an intern with the Washington Trails Association, and the University of Washington Political Science Department. The Value of Hiking It's seven pages of reading with...

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Horseshoe Prairie by Chris W.

There wasn’t enough snow for an expedition as originally planned, so the January 11 trip was postponed until January 25. An absolutely wonderful day was had by thirteen participants as we hiked over 3 miles in the Blue Mountains at Horseshoe Prairie Nordic Ski Area. A...

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Gold Hill Cabin by Jim L.

The I-MAC trip to Gold Hill Cabin had 10 people, 6 members and 4 guests. The highway had not been plowed from the recent Thursday night-Friday storm so there was about 10" of fresh powder on the road. This caused problems with one car which finally needed some...

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