Magnetic Declination

Check this link to get estimated magnetic declination for any location.

Maps and GPS Data

This is a collection of topo maps with marked routes and associated GPS on some of our club trips. See at the page bottom for more information on GPS files (in *.gpx format - GPS Exchange).



Elevation Gain

Map and Data


Badger Mountain

2.3 miles RT

830 feet

Bear Canyon

7.3 miles RT

1300 feet

Camp Muir

8.4 miles RT

4660 feet

Cascadian Nature Trail

8.6 miles RT

850 feet

Colockum WRA

9.6 miles RT

2370 feet

Dog Mountain

6.0 miles RT

2900 feet

Goose Lakes

7.5 miles RT

250 feet

Icicle Ridge

6.7 miles RT

2500 feet

Iron Peak

9.5 miles RT

2880 feet

Juniper Dunes

8.2 miles RT

300 feet

directions to TH

Kendall Katwalk

12.2 miles RT

2880 feet

Kiona Ridge

6.0 miles RT

1160 feet

Manastash Ridge

9.8 miles RT

1600 feet

Norse Peak

12.0 miles RT

3200 feet

Owyhigh Lakes

8.6 miles RT

1900 feet

Rattlesnake Ridge

9.7 miles RT

1850 feet


11.2 miles RT

3320 feet

Third Burroughs Mountain

8.8 miles RT

2600 feet

Umtanum Creek Falls

5.8 miles RT

740 feet

Wallula Gap

7.8 miles RT

900 feet

Yakima Rim Skyline South

8.6 miles RT

2000 feet

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