Leadership and Training

Trip Leader's Handbook

This handbook is designed to help you during the leadership of your trips. Please retain this handbook for future trips and use it as a reference to assist you. The most current revision of this handbook will be available on the IMAC Web page. Should any questions arise please ask the Chairman of the type of activity, i.e.: Climbing, Hiking, Winter Activities for advice. Should the Chairman not be available, ask the Vice President and then the President. The following topics are included:

  1. Trip Leader Checklist (in PDF)
  2. Trip Leader Information and Screening Checklist (in PDF)
  3. Tips for Trip Leaders (in PDF)
  4. IMAC Rules and Regulations (in PDF)
  5. Trip Signup Sheet (in PDF)
  6. WFA Patient Assessment Form (in PDF)
  7. Accident Report Form (in PDF)
  8. Emergency Procedures (in PDF)
  9. Parental or Guardian Permission Form (in PDF)
  10. Liability Waiver Form (in PDF)

Please copy forms you wish to reuse and/or carry with you.