Equipment Rentals, Maps, and Others


I-MAC has rental equipment available to members and non-members. Rentals are on a weekend or weeklong basis. A weekend is a few days, for example checkout late in week - return early the next week making the items available for others. We accept cash and checks only.

See the Contacts page for hiking, climbing, rental chairs', and map/book custodian's email addresses and phone numbers.

Rental Rates, Weekend/Week (*)





Contact climbing chairperson
Harness/Rock Pkg (***) $5/$7 $7/$10 $35
Harness $2/$3 $3/$4 $35
Helmet $2/$3 $4/$6 $45
Picket/Fluke $2/$3 $3/$4 $20
Avalanche Transceiver $5/$10 $5/$10 (****) $200
Avalanche Probe $2/$3 $3/$4 $45
Snow Shovel $3/$5 $4/$6 $45

Contact rental chairperson
Crampons (**) $5/$7 $7/$10 $100
Ice Axe (**) $5/$7 $7/$10 $100
Tent $9/$15 $9/$15 $50
Backpacks $5/$8 $5/$8 $25
XC Ski Pkg $10/day $10/day $100
Snowshoes and Poles (**) $10/day $12/day $100

* non-profit youth groups and on club climbs at member rates
** for REI/non-REI members, respectively
*** harness/rock package include helmet, locking carabiner, and belay device
**** avalanche transceivers are available to non-members only on club trips

Package Deals:

Avalanche Package - $8/weekend (members only)
      Avalanche tranceiver, avalanche probe, and snow shovel.

Rock Package - $10/weekend
      Harness, locking carabiner, belay device, and helmet.
      $5/weekend if you have your own harness.

Alpine Package - $15/weekend
      Crampons, ice axe, helmet, harness, locking carabiner, belay device.
      Also includes group gear like pickets, flukes, and snow shovels.

XC Ski Package - $10/day
      XC skis, boots, and poles.

Maps and Books

For members only: Maps (mostly topos) and books - contact map/book custodian